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What we’re working on now…


The ‘next-and-final-generation’ of ‘technology’ based on The Circular Theory (TCT) universal system architecture

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Universal System Architecture

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Exposing the Core dynamic in Nature (Quantum Gravity)…


Expanding the notion of ‘time…’

Unifying Robotics (biology) (technology) and Quantum Mechanics (physics)… Also known as ‘Quantum Computing…’

Integrating Intelligent Autonomy, The Qubit, Superposition, Superconductivity, Superfluidity


Re-emphasizing the age-old idea called ‘self-sufficiency

Overcoming the mathematical ‘thought’ dynamics that stifle personal creativity

Re-examining the ethics required for a digital ‘reality…’


Re-emphasizing the importance of financial and emotional security for all…

Monetizing privacy and autonomy (the self-sufficient ‘state’)…

Business case (model, plan) (roadmap, peace project)…

For thought-leaders, researchers, investors, deep thinkers

Seed round: 100 shares @ 5M ea

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